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We are specializing in application & digital marketing for education sector. Our products are known for their usability and we strive to make it easier for our users.

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We have ERP & digital marketing tool for Training Businesses. It is an effective tool to manage institutes cycle right from promotion, lead management till the end of course.

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We invite you to experience our Software without any further waiting. We provide 7 days trial to experience our application by using the actual LIVE running of each and every features.

Computer Institute Management System


Enquiry Management

Collect all relevant details of a lead such as personal details, contact details and course enquired. You can categorize the lead on the basis of source of enquiry such as telephonic, email, walk-in, News Paper etc. You can assign it to various staff member thus sharing the workload evenly across the sales team.

Admission Management

Student enrollment or admission involves a lot of interrelated processes such as the form fillup, summarizing total fees considering various variables involved, offering installment choices, clubbing various course modules and working on discounts.

Course Management

Every Institute offering a variety of courses faces a challenge to organise the course information concisely. The courses are multi-module, with some modules could be part of multiple courses, thus making it further difficult to manage.

Fees Management

We had developed a smart fees management module. It gives you flexibility in predefining various payment packages for each course and ability to choose discounts or premiums charged. You can set various options of Fee installments per package.

Payment Receipts

On every fee payment transaction the 2 copy receipt is generated, one for office use & another for student. Payment receipt acknowledgment can also be sent to students through email and SMS.

100% Security of Data

No one can access the data of the account other than the account holder (with valid password). Your data is 100% secure with us. We have auto backup integretion for weekly backup of your data so that in case of server-crash data can be seamlessly restored from backup.

Outstanding Fees Reminder

The built in reminder system allows you to set reminders before due date. The fee reminders are sent as sms & email messages to students. You can configure this option under settings as well as exclude certain students as per the business criteria applicable.

Student Records

Managing student's personal data and enrollment data has been segregated in the system in a least confusion manner. Our application stores individual's data in a central location allocated for each institute thus avoiding any possibility of duplicate data.

CSV Download Student Data

You can download data in CSV file format for backup as well as report purpose. This can be opened with Microsoft Excel or Openoffice or Notepad. A CSV file is a spreadsheet file in which the comma character (,) typically separates each field of text.

SMS and Email Notifications

Communicate with few or all the students of your courses or classes at anytime with just few clicks over SMS and Emails. Email and SMS them about the important notifications. Send them the important circulars, notes or other documents.

Daily Collection Report

CIMS manages daily fees collection records. Users can easily analyze their total daily/weakly/monthly/yearly date to date collection & can get total fee and collected fee report.

Logo Integration

You can setup your Institute Logo for a better personalized experience. This logo is visible on Login screen if you use Institute code in the URL. Once the staff or admin enters their respective login area, the Institute logo appears prominently on the top left corner.

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